MODAPTS is formed from MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards. It is fundamentally a tool for analyzing human work to determine reasonable expectations for the time to complete a defined task by a normal operator.  The accuracy of the system has been found comparable to most other such systems. It differs from most other systems in that it is based on human physiology.


But why not stick with Time Study?


Time Study  vs. MODAPTS


Time Study
  • Stopwatch Required
      . . . emotional fallout
  • Performance Rating Required

      . . . unresolved disagreements
  • Not Ergonomically Sensitive

      . . . Blind to Health Risks
  • Not Methods Sensitive

      . . . what is done is recorded


  • No Stopwatch Required for people work
      . . . seen as less demeaning
  • No Performance Rating

      . . . no personal critical judgment 
  • Ergonomically Sensitive

      . . . motions relate to the body
  • Methods Sensitive

      . . . how it's done is recorded


  Who Uses MODAPTS ?
MODAPTS users, a Partial List
Abbott Laboratories OCCK Inc.
Allseating (Furniture) Corporation Reinke Manufacturing
ARC Industries, MA Star Print
Ashley Furniture Mack Truck
Bassett Furniture Mail Options
Clairol Moog Automotive 
Canadian Auto Workers National Forge
Collins & Aikman Plastic National Medical Care
U.S. Dept. Labor,Wage & Hour Northrup Grumman
Easter Seals Norwalk Furniture
Elwyn Industries Oakwood Furn. Fabrication
Employment Solutions Steelcase
Ford Motor Company Stop & Shop Supermarkets
Goodwill Industries T R W
Gould, Inc. Teledyne
Heat Craft Unilever
International Standards United Auto Workers
Intertech Plastics University of Louisville
Johnson Controls University of N. Illinois
Idaho Falls Industries W. Michigan University
MRC Industries Western Atlas
MRCI, Mankato Western Electric
NISH Industries Whirlpool


Using MODAPTS, all body limb motion, eye and mental activity required of a person to complete a task are recorded. These motions may be analyzed for Value Added Analysis and Ergonomic review.  

The unit time is .00215 Minutes per MOD. Like many such systems, they are coded like the Canadian Postal Code with Letter & number combinations of MODs codes.  For example the MODAPTS movement M code elements contain 6 motions as shown below




M1 = 1 MOD of time for: Finger movement

M2 = 2 MODs of time for: Hand movement

M3 = 3 MODs of time for: Arm movement

M4 = 4 MODs of time for: Whole arm movement

M5 = 5 MODs of time for: Extended arm movement

M7 = 7 MODs of time for: Trunk movement


IPS Auditors are Members of the

International MODAPTS Association



MODAPTS . . . the Language of Work


Other elements include; hand motions for Get G and Put P, Walk W, Foot action F  and many others.   

MODAPTS can be used in association with ergonomic uses. High frequency or high stress activity can be read from MODAPTS codes. Work placement of operators with work limitations is facilitated when MODAPTS is used.  Jobs can be re-engineered to reduce ergonomic risk or to accommodate an operator with a restriction.


MODAPTS includes rules to code simultaneous body motions such as concurrent left and right hand motions.     7Return to No Frames: Work Measurement