How effective are your operations?

How effective are your operators?

Are your facilities fully utilized?

How’s the scrap & rework situation?

Plant floor congested, seems too busy? 

  Industrial Productivity Services provides you with objective information, solutions and decision support for your manufacturing operations.

Improve Your Existing Operations

Objective Information
Solution Planning*
Effective Implementation
  • * All Affected Parties Involved in Plan
  • Coordination of Trades & Production

Work Measurement & Standards


Industrial Productivity Services (IPS) performs Work Measurement as the first step in making Improvements. Machine and Processes must be timed. Operator timing is performed using MODAPTS (MODular Arrangement of Pre-Determined Time Standards). Further changes can be planned on the basis of objective Work Measurement.


IPS Sets Work Standards that help you:
Determine your product Labour Costs
Determine the Size of the Work Force Actually needed
Set Production levels and required facilities to match
Determine Overall “Throughput” Time
Assess Manufacturing Performance

Methods Analysis & Improvement


Industrial Productivity Services (IPS) systematically subjects your operation to close scrutiny, challenging jobs & operations. With this analysis we develop better Methods that result in  Improvements.Focusing on clear objectives, Work Simplification can result in increasing the Value Added component to labour and decreased redundancies.

 IPS findings can reveal opportunities for improved safety, quality and productivity. We can develop opportunities into plans.IPS can support you in implementing improvements.


Line Balancing



Industrial Productivity Services (IPS)  can reallocate labour to ensure optimal labour and machine utilization throughout the process. Minimum labour coupled with maximum line rate yields the least labour cost. This involves reallocating work elements, tools, equipment and adjustments in facilities and the delivery of parts and support services.


We can support clients as the required changes are initially communicated and later implemented. Equitable workload distribution improves group morale and is likely to result in achieving a fair day’s work from all employees. Safety and quality concerns can be addressed by re-balancing work.


Shop Floor Layout & Routings


Industrial Productivity Services (IPS)  provides Process Flow analysis to objectively document present facility locations and mapping of product and process flow through the facilities. Challenges can be identified such as; delays due to inter-dependence of operations, lack of on-site parts, tooling problems, maintenance deficiencies and delays in material handling of parts, products and waste.  

We work with the client in generating solutions and supporting clients in implementation of facility and schedule improvements.

Facilities Planning


Based on Committed Capacity, facilities, machinery and labour can be planned. Industrial Productivity Services (IPS)  can determine Preliminary Capacity for new or planned upgrades to facilities. Machinery requirements, Conveyor planning and material handling requirements can be determined as a basis for shop floor layout and process routings.


Improvement Projects:  

When you need decision support for manufacturing and logistical operations, we provide your management with objective information which is the basis for solutions.

We work with your people each step of the way to produce solutions by consensus with the result that actions proceed with minimal disruption in your operations.


 Temporary Staff:  As a cost effective extension to in-house capability, we work with staff and shop employees to identify, develop and implement opportunities for continuous improvement in manufacturing processes.


Industries Served:


*  Auto Vehicle Assembly

*  Automotive OEM

*  Steel Office Furniture

*  Construction Tooling
*  Metal Fabrication

*  Machining

*  Steel Casting

*  Printing & Mass Mailings

* . . . and MORE !




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